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Go on stuttering, Front stuttering - T H E R A P Y -   Stutter well, Stutter   better, Speak, Speak   well, Speak better.



For the scientific community´s and   others´ contemplation – StigLindSpeakingSteps.   See above board.   The groups that   I want to cut down on are the   groups "Stutter" and "Open   stuttering", groups which in   itself are better than nothing. By that I don´t mean that it must be a   stutter-free speech, loose and easy speech   with repetition is OK. Your muscles need time to recover. Above all,   it is "Stutter well" which   I think has the most potential   for stuttering. The group   probably absorbs some psychosomatic ailments.   My “word workshop” has previously   invented the word "Stutter   nicely", which also cares   for your interests. READ MORE

In Sweden and perhaps in the   world only a few books have   been written about the stuttering, like Wendell Johnson and   Van Riper. Now it is also   mine, which is   slightly different in that it   also refers to the individual   man. It is the result of 40 years of therapy and studies of stuttering theory and in practice.
Yours sincerely
Stig Lindh, author

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