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Is Stuttering Something To Get Hung Up On?


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Is Stuttering

Something To Get Hung Up On?



© 2012 Stig Lindh.


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Swedish original edition 6 May 2007.

Initial Swedish Publisher:

Balbutius ISBN 978-91-633-0543-6.
Size: 295 pages or 294 968 characters,

47 148 words.

Translator: Louise Lindh

The subscription covers: André Gueydon, Avignon,
Retouching by the author.
Website: www.stamning.online




The title is taken from my award winning film from 1989
The presentor of the prize was Mrs Charlene Seymour, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amhertst, Vice President for Quality of Service, (ASHA) American Speech Language-Hearing Association, which has 100,000 members.


Silence is a kind of speech

Icelandic men in the Icelandic Tales stay quiet when it is dangerous to speak, and it is nearly always dangerous to speak.

Speech is silvern,

silence is golden.




is the message

and then unlimited therapy to leave



Thank you
Louise Lindh
for all your support.



The American scholar Mr W.

Stutter can develop if the expectation of the child´s ability to speak is too high.

The above should not have made the writer of this book a stutter if he had had more

harmonious parents.

But we can not choose our parents.




The trend is by leaps back and forth



S*Morozko´s Snegórotjka


[ Of Stig Lindh 2012  ]












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Stig 46 years old                      



Here is an unusually good picture of Stig Lindh. The picture was taken just after the relation with my partner Elise. When I got home from work, all my belongings kept in her home were now in my home and my keys on the door mat. A letter declared that our relationship was over. The surprising thing was that our ten-year relationship was over in one day. Then my brother died five months later at an age of 47. Loneliness didn´t come slowly. Read more about the picture on page 128.



Since childhood I am a stuttering person who managed to get rid of the problem of stuttering through different forms of therapies. I sometimes stutter and realize my stuttering through my ears, pause and change the stuttering to a non-stuttering speech. The awareness is also important. As my stuttering is not that disturbing today my ordinary problems have become more apparent.

In my life I have often heard the comments ”So you have a bit of a stutter?” What people take as “a bit” has taken me my whole adult life to correct through different therapies, sometimes three at a time. The fact is that I do not know any other person in Sweden who has suffered so many therapies.                 

By giving up my engagement in our local board concerning dwellings and tenants I managed to arrange time for this book. Two books really. The first book had the title: ”From weed through carrot to floral splendour” a little history of the popular movement at ground level for 70 years, published by the Allotment Movement where I was one of five editors. This became the springboard of this book.               

But who am I?                      
At moderate pressure I can "break" as I am a sensitive person. Likewise, I've also noticed people´s unwillingness to respect my weaknesses. When people discover it they immediately test its durability at a later time.  My parents never liked my sensibility and have always tried to make me tougher but for some reason I remain the person I have always been- a very stuttering one.

With regard to my profession on one of my business cards it says: Web Master - IT graphics - Video producer, which means that I master text, web image, print and video. It means a lot of research and experience.                                               

I have worked for many companies during my career. I spent 17 years at Svensk Byggtjänst, a building company. The TV-soap “Robinson” changed Sweden. Maybe it changed me too. That is what the whole thing amounts to build pacts, make intrigues and deceive each other. The climax is when a person has to give up sadly. This pattern became the same at work.                                               

I also have a great deal of experience from society clubs which have shaped me in many ways. I have many and widely different interests. As I have had advanced tasks within the computer world for more than 25 years I also work as a computer advisor at an IT-café.


I do not want to give advice but . . .                                             

each headline ends with some reassuring or supportive words in italics.

Will I get rid of my problems if I can stop stuttering? Would it mean that my problems change? Should we accept the poor contribution we receive from the state? Who should pay for costly private therapy? The last few years of therapy have been based on acceptance and this method seems to work. But are there enough resources?

In this book you will be able to read about my knowledge and practical therapies. I have found that there are many useless therapies. The trend is that physical speech training is becoming more popular. Research led by Dr. Per Alm is of great interest and I welcome his work. It is important that we just don´t wait for miracles in research but try up to date therapy.

Earlier, those who suffered from a stuttering, arranged therapies of their own and demanded to stammer loose and easy. Have we once again come to the situation where the stammers are organizing their own stutter treatment? Today the techniques are called Star Fish project or McGuire program.

Furthermore Per Alm is heading the research and   great interest has been shown for it. I think that is very good. But I sincerely hope that we who stutter won´t be idle and waiting for results instead of searching therapy.


The Stockholm Stutter Association used to give high quality lectures. The interest declined and its premises were closed down. In 2007 it started up again and lectures are free of charge.

Today psychology is an interesting issue. Projection is something I have been aware of recently. It took me some time to realize what my own mother tried to tell me. What was she saying? In the end I realized I was manipulated. She didn´t talk about me, she projected her thoughts and opinions on me.

Another headline is "Can affirmations give me a better life? A dissatisfied woman in her thirties says ”I am strong and can choose my own path but nothing happens.”

"Don´t let anxiety limit your life" and "Free from worry, anxiety and phobia" are articles showing that anxiety is part of life. What causes what? Ms Maria Farm says that normal worry will help us to deal with problems.

Zen-meditation makes you aware of the way you breathe holding a newspaper or magazine noticing the grip, the feeling in your hands and fingers, what is the structure of the paper and so on. Your ability to concentrate is strengthened.

What happens in your brain after a long period of meditation? The study says that parts of the brain do not age as fast as non meditating people of the same age. I was pleased to know this as I have been meditating for more than 30 years.

Other articles tell us “Technique takes over - WE HAVE STOPPED TALKING! “We only have eye contact with people we talk to for ten minutes a day. E-mail, mobile texts and short comments in front of the TV has taken over our everyday conversation.

The magazine Living! No. 4 2006 begins with an article about Charisma so it works. They continue with an article which I think stuttering people do not like: "Goodbye, HUMDRUM" Welcome CHAOS - Breathe not released. Have you invested in a slower life, cleaned the mess in the calendar? Prepare yourself to think differently because here   is the opposite, CHAOS SKILLS. Ingalill Eriksson quotes from the book “Work, Chaos Skills and Sense.” Here I end the quotation of articles of Living! "More slamming of doors" - an article that is not to my taste when I remember a door bang, which took an unusually long time to get over.

Here, I want to demonstrate the big difference today from the past. Sometimes I read these excellent articles. Previously when I was active in the stutter movement most articles were about stutter. Not to mention all the nice lectures arranged by The Stutter Organization. Now when I have been away from them for many years and have had a distance to everything called stutter is the time to write down my experiences without emotional impact.


Thanks to all Therapists

You have not cured my stutter, but you helped me to a better life all included. You are really worth all the appreciation I think you deserve.    

Dan Mogren. The initiator of the world's first Stuttering Association in 1954, later stuttering therapist.

Per-Olov Broberg – a Swedish  King of Leonel i King´s Speech.          

Åke Byström - speech.


Intensive stutter therapy                
Lennart Larsson,

Hariette Stenquist,

Gunnel Klernäs,

Elisabeth Sederholm.

Marie-Louise Lundgren.       


Identity Therapy

Åsa Lööf

Bo-Göran Gustavsson.

I dare say that I am Sweden's most treated person who stammers, it means that there have been far more involved in my life than the above mentioned persons. I have not forgotten you – a big thank you, you have really enriched my life.  //Stig

Good for those who do not have time to read more.

Beheading. 100% cure is promised.

95% of all the stuttering begins between the ages of 3-7 years. 80 % self -heal.

Extensive therapy work for many years.

Half-hearted therapy of yourself by speaking with various speech tempos, voluntary stuttering or loo-se and easy to express his message in a new way.

Membership of the   Association recommended.

More bang in the doors. 

Strains requests early to get ther



SOMETHING TO GET HUNG UP ON?                                           

Losing one´s job because of stuttering shows that there is a problem. There are certainly people who never have a chance of a job. Does it depend on the stutter or something else? As there are no surveys made no one really knows. I know – when there were reorganizations I was the one to go. It was   confirmed by staff at a kickoff. Before the meeting they asked everyone if there was anyone who was willing to lose service to rescue two employees from lay-off. After dinner I was informed "in confidence,” that because I was stuttering it was I who had to leave the company.       

Today it is common to have what we call development discussion sometimes stumbling near settlement talks. The grading can be approved of from the head´s point of view and means that a good job has been done but nevertheless he is not satisfied.       
Many people with disabilities become redundant for personal reasons which ar forbidden in accordance with Swedish law. The purpose of the LAS dismissal law is to protect the employees. That means the last in first out.  

Those who suffer from a stammer can testify how badly they are treated in school and in the labour market. In a radio programme there was a woman who wanted to become a dietician. Although she made an approved admission test she was not adopted. She wouldn´t be able to speak with the patients because of her stuttering. She changed to an engineer course instead.  

Mr Christer Åström as a representative of the Swedish Stuttering Association Voluntary Organizations took part in "Stuttering and professional life" when it was discussed at a European meeting. It revealed more instances that stuttering people are discriminated in employment. This applies both when they are employed and later in the current job. In some cases redundancy also led to stuttering.   

Strain mixture consequences                   
The consequences of stuttering are difficult to discuss but for those concerned it means not feeling well. It has always been like that and you can not expect it to be otherwise. Our society is increasingly getting harsher and your ability is getting crucial. It's not hard to imagine what the consequences will be if you are unemployed on a long-term basis. It seems as if stuttering affects the environment in different ways.

In one form or another, many stuttering people feel they are outsiders. 


Just as crazy as your environment

The late Henry Tikkanen wrote some words I like in the daily newspaper DAGENS NYHETER “A harmonious human being must be as crazy as his environment.”                     

If I try to strive for perfection, I would have to write an entire book. Those were the words I wrote in the magazine “PLUS” in 1987 which later changed its name to “COMMUNICATION”

There was a time when I called myself © Stig Lindh, Word Workshop. Today in 2011 the time is mature for just this book.

A friend of mine wrote: ”Hopefully you keep your head high and boldly fight on!” Then I thought: Must we always fight? Stuttering is a difficult subject to write about for it is not just about therapy and elocution but about life.            

I hope you like it.                


I make my rounds and discover that to my horror they have disregarded my mouth!

I had a sore mouth. Like all others who experience pain I sought help. It began with the physiotherapist. I was there to get treatment for tense shoulders. Then I took the opportunity to ask her if she could do something about my aching mouth. She could not. She did not even try. Next time we met she had succeeded in producing a relaxation schedule for the jaws which was subsequently proved impossible to follow. We parted with the words "Sorry I can not help you because it is not within my competence field. But I can talk to a nurse at the care centre and see if she can do a few tests. You could have an infection in the body. Tests were made. Nothing was wrong. I was fit as a fiddle.

It was just to move on. A relative of mine told me about her friend who had a sore mouth. She had travelled around everywhere in Sweden seeking treatment for oral galvanism and managed to get well. She advised me to visit a homeopath who measured the tension in the mouth. The meeting with him resulted in a recommendation to replace the amalgam fillings.                                                           
My dentist was involved in the problem. He told them to stop, saying that oral galvanism did not exist according to the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare. The pain was becoming unbearable. "You can not go on like this" my wife said 'You must do something "after which she recommended a visit to the trauma centre. At the hospital the young doctors asked me if I was grinding my teeth. In vain I tried to explain to them that I found it hard to tell because I had a sore mouth. The visit resulted in a referral to hospital dentists. They constructed a plastic splint for the grinding.        

An old friend recommended a neurologist. He wrote out Catapresan which is a relaxant. He said that a vicious circle had arisen. "From the pain you get voltage, and from the voltage, you get ache. "After a short-term use of medication-mission, I realized that I could not do my job properly why I cut off the course. According to Fass, the book of medical side effects, drowsiness was one. At the next visit to the neurologist Somadril was prescribed which was more active but ineffective. That treatment was interrupted as well.               

I began to wonder if there was someone who was a specialist on mouths. I found that many hospitals have a department known as Ear, Nose, Throat. To my horror I discovered that they had forgotten mouths. Again a visit to the Hospital with new  tests taken showing that I was healthy.        
Now every opportunity to get help from a doctor seemed to be implemented and I still had pain in my mouth. It was becoming increasingly difficult to speak. I began to get scared because if this lasted for a long time there was a risk that my stuttering would be laborious. And stuttering is something that I respect. Something must be done.

Since I was interested in psychology, I began to wonder if it could just be something mental. I contacted a psychologist who told me about a therapy that was body-oriented. After a few weeks I was there for the first individual talk. This was really very promising. I actually believed in this. The downside was that it would take a long time and the price was 45 U.S. dollars per hour. That was a large sum in the 80´s. It was too expensive for me so I contacted a hospital psychologist. It was preceded by a meeting with an associate professor at the phonetic clinic. In a rough and astonished way he asked me what I wanted from him. Pain in the mouth was not his cup of tea. At my request, I was referred to the psychologist but only after checking out my throat and with a spatula on my out-stretched tongue and after making some loud aAaA noises.                 

There I was. It showed that either I had oral galvanism or I was some mental cause. The latter would mean that there was a question of an anxiety reaction that was expressed with the physical pain in my mouth. This meant that it was all about stuttering.      

Apparently stuttering can get the most diabolical expressions. I got my place in the queue at Huddinge hospital for Pain Management Study.















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